[LAU] Music made with linux: Modlys/Flow

Frank Kober goemusic at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 8 15:17:17 EST 2010

Hi Atte,

--- En date de : Dim 7.3.10, Atte André Jensen <atte.jensen at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Modlys has developed from the first CD to this, and I'm
> actually quite 
> happy about the new album.

It is a wonderful album. Just for personal taste I like most the tracks /wo vocals. I understand rosea's "smooth sound" argument somehow, maybe it's the compression, but maybe it's just that the album is produced with very much attention to detail, and some missing imperfection :)
The opener is at its right place. The Langsom genigivelse are both soundscapes that have a very continuous and "well-sounding" coverage of the spectrum. Til kernen: I like the rooms the piano is placed in, and the dynamic nervousity. Parallel virkelighed is so full of precise details and a game between dry/wet sounds, I have a bit Trentemoeller in the ear hearing that.
In some pieces, one could criticize the choice of some bass/drum, sometimes also pad sounds that may be too "usual". 
Let me ask you a question: The only imperfection is the sample loop of the cello in genstart. WHY!?  Because now we can really like it.

Thanks for this



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