[LAU] Music made with linux: Modlys/Flow

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 15:49:20 EST 2010

Frank Kober wrote:

> It is a wonderful album.


> In some
> pieces, one could criticize the choice of some bass/drum, sometimes
> also pad sounds that may be too "usual".

I agree. These are exactly two places where I here and there had to 
settle for "good enough" in order to stay within the time limit.

I'm not gonna mention the places I would change, since they might not be 
the same places you have in mind :-)

> Let me ask you a question:
> The only imperfection is the sample loop of the cello in genstart.
> WHY!?  Because now we can really like it.

Both "til kernen" and "genstart" was originally done with a quickly (and 
thus badly) looped viola, I believe from the free philharmonic samples. 
Anyhow, a friend of mine re-did them on viola, but I still liked some of 
what was in the sampled sound. So I ended up using a mix of real and 
sampled-with-bad-loop viola on both tracks.

I actually liked the audible loop points, so I left them in there.


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