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Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 17:44:18 UTC 2010

On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 7:01 AM, rosea grammostola
<rosea.grammostola at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Processor:
> So it looks like I go for a intel i3 processor, with integrated gpu.
>> Anyway, I'm a fan of Asus MBs, either Intel or AMD processors. I used
>> to work for AMD but frankly right now it's pretty hard to beat Intel's
>> Core i5 & i7 offerings. I've got an i5-661, i7-920 and an i7-980x.
>> They are all quite nice at different price points and the i5 is very
>> energy efficient.
> MB:
> Does it make sense to go for an Intel motherboard when I have also a Intel
> processor? Then it should fit right ;) Like the Intel Desktop Board DH55HC
> for example?

The Intel DH55HC is in fact the motherboard I am responding from. It's
been quite good so far with the i5-661.

In fact I believe the integrated graphics for the i5-661 ONLY work
with an Intel motherboard, or did so 6 months ago when I built this

I'd need to know the exact i3 model you're thinking about here.

> Asus is also mentioned pretty often indeed, MSI too. Which is the best,
> that's all I have to know ;)
> Power:
> When it comes to a power supply I was thinking about Enermax PRO82+ 385W. I
> heard that brand is good...

I am energy conscious also. I chose the 500W Antec EarthWatts supply.
However in testing the machine I ended up thinking the 500W was a vast
overkill. I've got 3 hard drives and two LCD monitors attached, along
with the DSL router, and I still draw less than 175 Watts. I suspect
your 385W is more than enough. Just buy the most efficient one your
budget will allow, especially if you're going to run this 24/7. The
costs add up over a year and I figure you pay for the more expensive
supply in under a year in electricity savings. (Depends on what you
pay per KWH. Here in California it's pretty expensive.)

> Cases:
> There are pretty some option these days. Towers, mini-itx, htpc. I like the
> style of the Antec ones ( antec Solo-EU Quiet Mini Tower Case, NoPSU, for
> example).
> Smaller is more mobile and looks nicer, but what is better and more silent?

Really good, quiet cases are not very compatible with your budget. I
like CoolerMaster but they are expensive. My view is I reuse them. I
own 3. The first one has been with me over 11 years and had 4
different machines in it over the years. Cost me $250 way back when
but has been completely worth the money. Problem is it's a standard
mini tower and it will never get smaller. My most recent is a full
tower CoolerMaster Cosmos with a 5 disks - a 2 disk RAID 0 and a 3
disk RAID1. It's not silent but it's manageable in the house for what
I use it for. Cost me something like $250 and weighs so much I can
hardly lift it fully loaded.

You can always add sound proofing to any case as long as you are
careful about the air flow.

> Memory:
> Any recommended brands, type and speed?

I use only Crucial, either directly through them or through Amazon.
Lifetime guarantee, no questions asked. They've replaced 3 sets for me
in the last decade and never asked why.

Hope this helps,

> Regards,
> \r

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