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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Sep 9 10:37:46 UTC 2010

Kjetil S. Matheussen wrote:
> Kevin Cosgrove:
>> On 7 September 2010 at 19:55, david <gnome at hawaii.rr.com> wrote:
>>> Design a case like a chimney and let the hot air rise on it's own. ;-)
>> ... and avoid putting the hottest things at the bottom where they
>> raise the heat of all the rest of the things in the case above them.
> I would rephrase that to avoid putting things which are sensitive
> to heat at the top, and avoiding putting things which are hot
> close to things which are sensitive to heat.
> Normally you only have to worry about the temperature of the CPU
> the PSU. The other stuff inside an audio-computer
> usually works fine in higher temperature without making
> lots of noise or failing. (at least to a certain degree of corse).

A high-speed hard drive can generate a lot of heat, too, while still 
working fine. I have 7200rpm drives in my server boxes, and they get 
quite warm. Can't imagine what it would be like with a 10K or 15K drive 
in there!

Just curious, but how much heat do SSDs generate?

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