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Mon Jun 6 13:09:44 UTC 2011

On Mon, 6 Jun 2011, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> Honestly, I don't know what cards are 'good' and what are 'bad'. Motu 
> seems to tend to have a much better sound quality, than e.g. M-Audio 
> and TerraTec. Knowingly I never heard a RME or a Focusrite.

I have an RME Hammerfall/Multiface-II setup (8 analog ins, 8 analog can 
always connect something from Apogee to the digital ins if you want some 
additional channels with converters that are even better yet (and if you 
can afford stuff from Apogee!).

> I'm using Linux only, but I asked Linux and Windows users about 
> firewire and here should be many issues, not only for audio gear that 
> is connected by firewire. It's said that firewire is Mac domain.

Well, Apple invented it, but it works anywhere.  The other poster who 
said that it matters a lot what kind of firewire host you've got is 
right.  I never experienced problem free firewire (for digital video 
capture) with the firewire on my motherboard, nor with a Western Digital 
firewire card.  Finally, I got a 3-port card from SIIG, and it works 
beautifully with everything.  That might be a place to start if you want 
to go with Linux audio via firewire, which uses the FFADO driver.

> The best keyboard and mice I ever had. The keyboard needs to be 
> replaced soon or later. I'm already searching for a keyboard, but 
> never found any simple keyboard with good keys. 'Simple' = real 
> ergonomically ;) and space saving, no need for folderol. If such a 
> keyboard should be expensive, I would pay for a good keyboard and 
> mouse.

Just my opinion, but to me, Keytronic makes the best keyboards.  They 
resemble the old no-nonsense IBM server keyboards, but without the 
obnoxious audible click.  (They still feel good though.)

> Is Linux dropping PS/2? But why does it work sometimes?

Don't know why Linux wouldn't support a PS/2 mouse.  Then again, I've 
avoided them every since USB mice became available just for the simple 
reason that a USB mouse won't use an IRQ for itself, but a PS/2 mouse 
always will use IRQ12.  Most BIOS's these days will let you free IRQ12 
if you're not using the PS/2 mouse port, and that sounds good to me.

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