[LAU] Output all audio on other computer's device?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 18:59:34 UTC 2012

>> People have managed it in the past with varying degrees of success. The >
>> standard method these days is to use pulseaudio's jack-sink over dbus.
> FWIW, I had epic fails with dbus in Ubuntu 12.04.
>> > I don't know why people still insist on making their lives more
>> > difficult > that necessary. Pulse works just fine as a jack client.
>> because pulse is a dog, and its latency blows?
> Different configurations are right for different use cases. I run pulse
> through jack for daily use, but I wouldn't do that in a concert. For
> instance, I might want to have Skype open in a normal session, and that
> seems to play best with pulseaudio. But I wouldn't use it in a performance,
> in which case it's simple to start the jack server but not pulse.

Is it possible to use jackd without specifying a samplerate, or is
that the domain of pulseaudio?

- Grant

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