[LAU] MIDI note input by rhythm?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Jan 14 00:30:30 UTC 2013

On Mon, 14 Jan 2013 00:50:00 +0100, Tim Goetze <tim at quitte.de> wrote:

> [Angel de Vicente]
>> Is there any MIDI editor that would let me do something like this? If
>> not, do you think it could be easily implemented? If so, I could perhaps
>> contribute with some programming, but I would need some pointers as to
>> where to start (I have never done any music/MIDI programming, though I
>> have plenty of experience programming in other fields).
> I don't know of a MIDI sequencer that offers this (not that I know
> many to begin with) but I think it's a really neat idea for tackling
> the old problem of "how can I reliably input stuff way beyond my
> pianistic abilities and still have it played with a human quality".
> To get a quick working prototype, you could use the system commands
> arecordmidi and aplaymidi to get the data and use a high-level
> language like python with a MIDI file reader/writer module to process.
> Since you're only interested in relative timing, it's not a big
> problem if you can't get the record and playback clocks to be in
> perfect sync when you want to record over the track playing.

Old sequencers had many abilities we don't have today anymore, however, it  
e.g. still is possible to play wrong notes by a MIDI keyboard, but with  
the wanted velocity and timing (assumed MIDI jitter isn't an issue ;) and  
then to move the wrong notes to correct them. Or you play left and right  
hand one after the other, instead of playing them at the same time.  
Depending to the composition and to the practice it could sound natural.

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