[LAU] Headphones

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Tue Dec 16 17:09:04 UTC 2014


I wonder what headphone has a better sound quality than the
AKG K 240 DF and at the same time is that robust as this headphone.

I got my AKG around 30 years ago, when it was the most used and IMO best
studio headphone used in Germany. Within those decades there were
several better sounding headphones used in professional studios here
(but not in my home studio). All of them had a weak point. While you
can play soccer with the AKG K 240 DF without damaging it, those
headphones with a better sound quality, that still is relatively
neutral, so that they can be used for recording in addition to monitors
(not as a replacement for monitors ;), cause broken noise, once they
fall down from face value.

Is anybody aware about a modern headphone, that doesn't suffer from
fragileness and anyway sounds better than a 30 years old studio

IIRC I asked this a few years ago on this list or somewhere else.

It's not Linux related, but at least related to audio production, so I
guess it's a valid request for this list ;).

I'm aware that the AKG K 240 DF and AKG K 240 still are used as
headphones in studios for the folks that make the music, but usually
it's not used by audio engineers any more. I can't pay for one of
those modern headphones that are often used, but get broken by soft
physical accidents.


PS: This request is related to a question from an audio consumer from
another Linux mailing list, asking me off-list, who wants to get a hint,
what headphone is a good headphone. In my experiences reliability and
best sound quality be in contrast. I don't know what headphone to
recommend. I stay with the AKG K 240 DF, if it should get
broken, I would buy the same headphone again, unless there's a
headphone with a better sound quality and that is as stable as old
headphones are. In my experiences the weakest point often is the
headphone amp, not the headphone, so what headphone to recommend might
also be related to the used gear.

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