[LAU] zita-njbridge > zita-nabridge ?

raf rmouneyres at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 19:10:22 UTC 2014

>> I have a situation in mind : in a LAN a central computer running jack server with a lot of audio I/O, and lightweight clients with stereo I/O.
>> I'd like those clients to be able to send a receive 2 channels of audio to the central jack server, lowest latency possible.
>> With the zita-njbridge and jack server running on the lightweight clients, it works, but considering i don't need the jack server on the lightweight clients (no effect plugins, no routing, no synths...) could a zita-nabridge exist to capture/override the streams from the client's embedded alsa device ?
> In theory such a thing could exist, it would be an ALSA device
> that receives and/or sends audio using the njbridge protocol. 
> No resampling would be needed as it would be the 'master' 
> device on the local system.
> In practice that is not very likely to happen, the reason
> being that interfacing to Jack is so much more easy than
> writing an ALSA driver. Also, passing via Jack does not
> add any latency, and in most cases users will want the
> flexibility it provides. 

thanks for the answer, I was expecting this, but hadn't measures the difference between the jack client and alsa driver.
So now it looks like I need to learn how to cross compile jack for various ARM devices to have it on the lightweight clients :/


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