[LAU] jack-rack poll

Filipe Coelho falktx at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 13:11:57 UTC 2015

On 23.08.2015 15:00, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> I dislike the patchbay, but nobody is forced to use it and the theme
> fortunately can be completely disabled regarding
> http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/Applications:Carla  
> so I'll install it and take a look at it.
Carla has a rack engine mode that works pretty much like jack-rack.
(plugins are processed from top to bottom)

The catch is that it's *always* stereo.
Mono plugins are loadable by using 2 instances, but uncommon plugins are 

reordering the plugins is not possible yet, but it's coming very soon.
but you can clone a plugin which will put it in the end of the list.

> However, it's more than just an effect host and comes with many
> dependencies. Regarding the dependency to linuxsampler it perhaps can't
> be available by official repos for Debian and Ubuntu, resp. assumed
> dependencies could be disabled when configuring, then nobody could rely
> on getting the same Carla on different distros.
You can build carla without any of those.
In fact you can build carla with just gcc, but you won't get an UI.

The basic dependencies are just PyQt4/5 to get the UI running, 
everything else is optional.

liblo is there for OSC support.
fluidsynth is to be able to load sf2 files.
linuxsampler for gig and sfz.

there are some internal plugins (like zynaddsubfx) which require some 
extra libs,
but again this is all optional.

use "make features" before building to know what your build will result in.

PS: I recommend building with PyQt4 instead of PyQt5 for now, as that 
will allow the carla-as-vst plugin to work, which is unfortunately not 
possible with Qt5.

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