[LAU] [JACK] [NOOB] Networking on OSX / Reference?

matthew AIDEKMAN matt at estatesound.com
Sun Jan 4 21:12:22 UTC 2015

Hi all, noob here

MY END GOAL: Send 10 channels between OSX computers using jack
(Reason ---> jack ---> home network ----> jack ----> max/msp)

Set number of jackrouter channels in JackPilot (Can't find how to do this
via command line)
SLAVE:  jack_load netadapter -i "-c -P10"   //starts jack
MASTER: jack_load netmanager
MASTER: jack_load audioadapter
Route stuff in qjackctrl

Works but tons and tons of overruns, sounds horrible.  Can't configure
because I have to do it in the terminal and can't find any documentation
for the drivers.  Can't do it in qjackctl because netadapter and netmanager
don't pop up in the driver list.

What am I missing?

*Is there any clear set of man pages or documentation I can follow?*  I
can't find any complete reference for jack.  Anyway, I hope this is clear
enough.  Sorry if I'm missing something stupid but I don't know where to go
to educate myself.

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