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Date: Tue, Aug 23, 2016 at 11:51 AM
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On Tue, Aug 23, 2016 at 11:04 AM, Neil C Smith <neil at neilcsmith.net> wrote:

> On 23 August 2016 at 15:52, Mac <ussndmac at charter.net> wrote:
> > I think, in the past (ubuntu pre-16.04) there were settings
> musicaudiosink
> > and audiosink that could specify which JACK sink was to be used by
> > gstreamer.
> >
> > This changed the default behavior of gstreamer which was to connect to
> the
> > first 2 sinks in JACK.
> >
> > I think, this was the way it was in 0.1 gstreamer.
> >
> > I've been able to find nothing discussing this for gstreamer 1 or for
> ubuntu
> > 16.04.
> Are you sure that wasn't using JACK via PulseAudio?  What are you
> using GStreamer from?
> AFAIK, settings in GStreamer for defining the ports that the
> JackAudioSink connects to are new - you can set the port-pattern
> property.
> https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/data/doc/gstreamer/head/gs
> t-plugins-good-plugins/html/gst-plugins-good-plugins-jackaudiosink.html
> Best wishes,
> Neil
> From the JACK audio web page ( www.jackaudio.org/faq/
gstreamer_via_jack.html ) :



   You need the GStreamer JACK audio plugin, which is currently (Fall 2009)
   part of the “bad” plugins collection. Most Linux distributions make this
   available through their normal software install/update systems. The name of
   the package containing this plugin will vary from distribution to
   distribution: on Fedora its called “gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-extra”,
   on Ubuntu its called “gst-plugins-bad”, etc. etc.
   2. Next, you need to configure GStreamer to tell it to use this plugin
   for audio output. There are 3 methods available:
      - Through the command line using gconf2 (you may need to install this
      - Install/run gconf-editor, which is a general purpose utility for
      configuring many GNOME-centric applications.
      - Some systems may have the gstreamer-properties command available,
      which offers a graphical tool for configuring gstreamer.
   3. Your goal is set the value of:
      - /system/gstreamer/0.10/audio/default/musicaudiosink
      - /system/gstreamer/0.10/audio/default/audiosink

to this value: jackaudiosink buffer-time=2000000. The exact value of
buffer-time doesn’t matter too much, but higher values reduce the chance of
glitches/drop-outs in the audio stream. You might also choose to set
/system/gstreamer/0.10/audio/default/chataudiosink to the same value, but
its less likely to be useful to you.

It appears neither gconf nor /system/gstreamer/0.10/audio/default/ are
resident in 16.04. (I'd guess the later path .../0.10/... would not be
there since 16.04 is using gstreamer 1 not 0.10, correct?

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