[LAU] Fwd: JACK and gstreamer

Neil C Smith neil at neilcsmith.net
Tue Aug 23 16:26:40 UTC 2016

On 23 August 2016 at 16:51, Mac <ussndmac at charter.net> wrote:
> It appears neither gconf nor /system/gstreamer/0.10/audio/default/ are
> resident in 16.04. (I'd guess the later path .../0.10/... would not be there
> since 16.04 is using gstreamer 1 not 0.10, correct?

AFAIK those settings are used by the gsettingsaudiosink in GStreamer,
which is no longer in 1.x.  It really depends on what software you're
using, and whether it's hard-coding use of autoaudiosink.

I questioned whether you'd actually been using the PulseAudio backend
connecting to JACK though because there wasn't a way to specify which
JACK ports to connect to until recently (eg. not in 14.04).  The only
other way to do it is to use something other than GStreamer itself to
control which ports are used (eg. QJackCtl patchbay), which is what
I'm still doing on my 14.04 setup.

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