[LAU] [Music] Three Desolations

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Jan 16 20:52:52 UTC 2017

Jan 16 2017, Dave Phillips has written:
> https://soundcloud.com/davephillips69/three-desolations
Hey Dave,
this will be purely about your music and not the way that it is
provided. :)

I loved some passages very much. I'm afraid my attraction to that
slightly off-kilter composition is very selective and completely
unreasonable. In the first section there were a few passages which
sounded gratingly sequenced. Somehow mechanical and static. Seeing that
this impression changed over the piece, I assume that this was done by
design. Though especially that same section held a few passages which
really touched a chord somewhere. :) The dark, unpretentious mood of all
three pieces sits very well with me.

Thank you for sharing!

Best wishes,


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