[LAU] Streaming setup with OBS and JACK

hollundertee at gmx.net hollundertee at gmx.net
Mon Jul 30 07:59:31 CEST 2018

On Thu, 26 Jul 2018 07:15:47 -0700 (PDT)
Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Jul 2018, hollundertee at gmx.net wrote:
>  [...]  
>  [...]  
>  [...]  
> I use three lines to reconfigure pulse:
> pactl unload-module module-jackdbus-detect
> pactl unload-module module-udev-detect
> pactl unload-module module-alsa-card
> any one bridge from pulse to jack is a one liner:
> pactl load-module module-jack-sink client_name=PulseOut channels=2
> connect=no
> (use module-jack-source for audio going to pulse)
> This is not really configuration as you don't look for pulse's 
> configuration files. These act on an already running pulse.
> As with all configuration or startup scripts, this is a write once
> use many times solution. It is worth taking the time to write a
> proper config file or startup script and then it can be forgotten
> pretty much.

So I have experimented a bit and I think this is the solution I'm
going to use, thank you very much.

There are of course a number of old and new questions.
1) I have the system set up for jack as per usual (the limits.conf
stuff) and that seems to work fine for jack, yet PA complains that it
can't set up realtime scheduling or somesuch.
It's the same cryptic error that this guy got:
I haven't noticed any issues so far, is this anything to worry about?

2) I did look into the KXStudio applications. While Cadence worked it
didn't give me any control about the PA bridging etc. and I often had
to interfere from the CLI, so I might as well work from the CLI.
I'm somewhat confused by the at least three different kind of patchage
clones (Catarina, Catia, Claudia) and especially by the use of ladish
for session management, as this project seems to be unmaintained since
many years now.

I think all I need for now is something to start a plugin host, load
the plugin including settings and make a few static connections. I
guess it could be done from a shell script, provided the plugin host
has an appropriate interface.
What do you use for session management?

3) Carla as plugin host looks nice so far.
Are there any others that work well, also with LV2 custom UI plugins?
I looked into the calf suite and the compressors there have what I was
missing from OBS, namely a gain reduction meter that helps me set the
threshold appropriately. Are there any other good compressors or other
tools for voice? I saw that there is a calf de-esser, EQ's etc. but I'm
not sure that's needed.

I'm pretty positive that this will work out. I figured out the OBS <->
Jack part and JACK seems to be running xrun free so far.
My only worry at the moment is the session management.

Thank you very much everyone.
Best regards,

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