[LAU] Delta 66 woes

Anders Hellquist lau at hellquist.net
Thu Dec 19 21:17:56 CET 2019

+1 for dying capacitors.. that is IMHO the most common problem in equipment.

If capacitors can not filter out electrical fields, you will have lots of
hum and buzz.


On Thu, Dec 19, 2019, 19:04 Len Ovens <len at ovenwerks.net> wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Dec 2019, Dave Phillips wrote:
> > My audio device has been an M-Audio Delta 66 + Omni I/O breakout box
> > that has served me well for many years. Alas, something is now causing a
> > severe problem with it. When I turn the unit on in the morning the clip
> > and input lights are solid red and green and remain so for up to five or
> > more minutes before they go off. Adding to that, my portable room heater
> > is now causing a terrible hum through my speakers. I tried another
> > heater, got the same results.
> >
> > So, is the problem likely the Delta card ? I have a replacement for it
> > that I could swap out, but I thought I'd check with the experts first.
> > Or should I get an electrician to check out the wiring in my room ?
> "clip and input lights are solid red and green" These lights are on the
> omni I am guessing and so likely the problem is with that box rather than
> the D66 card itself. Using mudita24 (not envy24control) on the Analog
> Volume tab do you see high level in? (the level for the input is in text
> just under the port name (ADC1-3) and can be reset with the "Rest Peaks"
> button in the lower left corner) If there is no level or -inf it shows
> "(off)". If you are seeing the same high level right after turn on, try
> disconnecting the omni i/o and see if the levels are now (after reset)
> "off". This test should show that the problem is in the i/o box.
> The most likely thig to be wrong is a capacitor. With the i/o box open
> find a larger cap probably close to where the power comes in and after
> warm up try spraying this with some kind of "freeze spray" to see if the
> problem comes back. replace tha cap that when chilled causes the probalem
> to come back. Probably replace the power supply cap just because...
> (higher value is ok)
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