[LAU] RME Babyface Pro questions

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Wed Feb 27 20:08:06 CET 2019

Joe Hartley <jh at brainiac.com> writes:

> Hi, all.  I'm considering replacing my M-Audio Delta 1010 an Mackie Big Knob
> monitor controller with an RME Babyface Pro so that I have preamps available 
> at my desktop without breaking out my big mixer, and hardware volume control
> for my monitors.
> I know a few folks here have the Babyface Pro (Hi, Fons and Brent!) and
> I'm curious as to whether you're all still happy with it.  I've been reading
> that in the class-compliant mode, which is required for Linux use), that
> various features are not enabled.
> My biggest concern is about phantom power, as I'd seen a mention that
> PP is only settable from the TotalMix software, which is a no-op in CC mode.
> I'm also interested in any "gotchas" or anecdotes about living with this
> unit under Linux.

I'm afraid I never expect it to provide phantom power, since both my
outboard preamps and my desk mixer can do that.  So far, I'm only using
it as a secondary interface for mobile use, when I need to record on a
laptop with nothing but an 8-space rack of outboard equipment
available.  I've not been depending on it as a main interface yet in the

Of course, that may change.  The Multiface II that is my main interface
now is hooked up to a PCI-E card in the computer, and eventually it or
the card will die.  (Does interface hardware go to heaven when it dies,
if it's very good?)  Since pretty much everything new is USB now, I'm
probably going to have to live with that even for my main interface at
some point, and the Babyface Pro is probably as good of a USB interface
as one could ever expect.  (It sounds fantastic, though interestingly,
in a way that I can still distinguish from the Multiface -- subtly
brighter.)  I think the thing I would miss the most if I had to start
using it as my main interface would be not having hdspmixer available to
setup intricate monitor mixes in hardware.

It's a very well behaved unit though, and it works with Ardour on my
Debian laptop right out of the box.

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