[LAU] aconnect oddities

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Tue Mar 17 15:47:57 CET 2020

Am 17.03.20 um 15:17 schrieb Max:
> $ aconnect tickle:0 'Pure Data':1
> Connection failed (Operation not permitted)
> $ aconnect tickle:0 'Pure Data:1'
> Connection failed (Operation not permitted)
> $ aconnect tickle:0 Pure\ Data:1
> Connection failed (Operation not permitted)

Those are all equivalent command lines. They all result in the string
"Pure Data:1" being passed as the second command line argument.

That's unix shell 101 and has nothing to do with aconnect itself.

> $ aconnect tickle:0 Pure Data:1
> just works. 

Look at the acconnect man page:

'The address can be given using the client's name.

       % aconnect External:0 Emu8000:1

Then the port 0 of the client matching with the string "External" is
connected to the port 1 of the client matching with the "Emu8000".'

The keyword here is "matching", i.e. you can refer to clients using a
sub-string of their name and that's what's happening in your example.

So you have three command line arguments: "tickle:0", "Pure" and "Data:1"

The first two cause a connection to be made on their own and the third
is just ignored, AFAICT:



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