[LAU] Multichannel playback (was: Four channels playback?)

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Thu Apr 29 10:09:44 CEST 2021

On 2021-04-29 09:27, Jeanette C. wrote:
> There is a speaker-test program
> that is design for at least 5.1 playback

speaker-test helped me when I experimented with some home built hardware a few 
years back. I liked the voice feedback that comes with -twav

For continuous 2 channel test I use:
speaker-test -c2 -twav

end with ctrl-c

For single shot 2 channel:
speaker-test -c2 -twav -l1

For 5 it would be:
speaker-test -c5 -twav

For a single shot on channel 3 id use:
speaker-test -c5 -s3 -twav


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