[LAU] Weird behaviour with Calf Fluidsynth

Robert Jonsson spamatica at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 18:09:22 CET 2021

Hi Bill,

Not really a Calf Fluidsynth user but I tried a few of the things you
mention. I tried using MusE as host, loading the lv2 version of Calf
Fluidsynth with a GM soundfont.
If I create a midi track and click on the pianoroll the synth will respond
on the channel set up on the track. At least for the first three channels.
Also tried adding program change to switch between presets and it seems to
behave as expected. But this is with LV2, you mention jack, is there a jack
version? Have not tried that.


Den tis 2 feb. 2021 kl 15:42 skrev Bill Purvis <bill at billp.org>:

> Hi,
> Does anyone use Calf FluidSynth?
> I have used it for ages now with my home-grown midi sequencer, but have
> noticed
> odd behaviour just lately.
> This is to do with sending Program Change events. My sequence (and the
> MIDI protocol)
> expect channels to be numbered 0 - 15, though most programs and physical
> devices tend
> to refer to these as 1 - 16. That's not a problem for me. What is a
> problem is Fluidsynth
> now seems to be treating 0 - 15 as 2 - 17?
> I'm trying to sort out a midi file for a friend - generated by a Windows
> Package - and
> the file has 4 tracks (not counting track 0) for Violinx3, Viola and
> Cello. The midifile
> treats these as channels 0 - 3, at least initially. However, Fluidsynth,
> which always
> starts up with Piano for all channels (except 10) sets channels 2,3,4
> and 5 to these
> devices. I've got a program to monitor the midi events sent over Jack
> and this convinces
> me that the Program Change events are specifying the right channels, so
> I can only assume
> that Fluidsynth is mapping 0 - 3 onto 2 - 5, which sounds like a bug.
> As it happens it turns out that when the midifile want to witch to
> pizzicato, it switches
> to channels 4-7 (5-8 in user terms) but hasn't specified a program for
> those channels!
> I found the Calf website not very helpful about fluidsynth, and I don't
> really want to get
> signed up to another email list to discuss bugs in fluidsynth. Just
> wondered if anyone
> on this list had come across this.
> Bill
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