[LAU] QjackCtl window size and position

John Murphy rosegardener at freeode.co.uk
Tue Mar 23 22:18:48 CET 2021

Hello again,

I'm using the 9.0 version of QjackCtl which isn't too far behind
the latest and there's just one small annoyance, which I wonder
if was fixed in 9.1 by "Main window is now freely resizable..."?

I've probably adjusted the font sizes a little and I make the
main window a little wider. The same width as the minimum width
of the Connections window in fact (which I put immediately below
the main window. It looks great and always remembers its last
position, but not my width setting.

The connections window seems to remember its last size and almost
shows up in the right place, but always just a few pixels above
where it was. Far enough to half obscure the bottom row of buttons
in the main window.

I don't have the 'Replace Connections with Graph button' ticked,
but I checked and the Graph window similarly appears a little
above where it previously was.


A bigger annoyance is that my Linux Mint distro, and many others,
don't have mechanisms like KDE had (maybe still has) or something
I seem to remember called Devilspie? Or application authors could/
should always provide (perhaps optionally) to remember both window
size and position of any main or child windows adjusted by user.


Many thanks though Rui and all you amazing wonderful developers. 😎

Thanks again.

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