[LAU] qsampler isn't compiling from tar source

tom haddington meshugga42 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 01:54:32 CET 2021

Hello, List--

Actually, qsampler configures without errors.  Running make returns no
errors, either.  When I run sudo make install, I get this error:

lupdate: could not exec '/usr/lib/qt5/bin/lupdate': No such file or
make: *** [Makefile:97: translations_lupdate] Error 1

I don't know much about coding, but took a look at the Makefile, which
contains this line:

export LUPDATE=/usr/bin/lupdate

I tried putting lupdate in /usr/bin/qt5/bin, but that only made my terminal

I'm compiling on Ubuntu Studio 20.04.  I'm sure I've missed something
obvious.  All help is appreciated.

Take care!
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