[LAU] Choirless - a new low-latency AI remote music collaboration platform

Gerhard Zintel gerhard.zintel at web.de
Tue May 11 16:54:13 CEST 2021

Hi Bill,

On 11/05/2021 16:11, Bill Purvis wrote:
> On 11/05/2021 15:04, Robert Jonsson wrote:
>> With my band we will try Jamulus as as soon as we find the time.
>> https://jamulus.io
>> This far I have installed and played around with it. A bit rough
>> around the edges but looks like with some massaging it could do the
>> trick nicely.
> I took a look at it and I think its under false pretences - it would seem
> that each person operates in isolation, with a 'master track' to play along with,
> then the server adds the various tracks together to produce the final version.
> Low-latency doesn't really come into it unless my understanding is way off.

if I get your meaning quite right you are indeed way off. You don't work with a
master track. All musicians are playing life into their local installed jamulus
client, each clients sends the local audio stream to a server (could be any of
the freely available or a self hosted one) and the mix is re-transmitted back to
each member. This works very well for a round trip latency up to about 40 ms,
above that its not really fun.

Our test have been partly good partly bad. If the participants are in totally
different networks (e.g. Cable and DSL (don't know the correct English names))
over all latency was above 100 ms and rehearsal wasn't possible but if all
participants are in the same network (here e.g. DSL deutsche Telekom) latency
has been about 30 - 40 ms and rehearsal was fine.

For sure you must use headphones and LAN to your router (no wireless, no
Bluetooth) to minimize latency as much as possible.

hope that helps

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