Linux-audio-user March 2009
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Steinway_IMIS2.2 soundfont (no loops fix)
by Roberto Gordo Saez
1 year

[linux-audio-user] Sub-harmonic generator? (LADSPA or VST)
by Tim Howard
7 years, 7 months

Re: [LAU] Simple, easy multithreaded circular buffer library for Linux?
by Kjetil S. Matheussen
12 years, 3 months

Seq24 and jack-transport with Jack-1.9
by go music
14 years, 8 months

Audio Hardware Recommendations
by Christopher Stamper
14 years, 9 months

Goed nieuws! Especially for the Dutch speaking: special linux audio forum part on !
by rosea grammostola
14 years, 10 months

alsa midi to jack midi
by andy baxter
14 years, 10 months

[ANN] Nama agile recorder-mixer version 0.98
by Joel Roth
14 years, 11 months

Join the Debian Multimedia Team! (to improve the state of Linux audio)
by Grammostola Rosea
14 years, 11 months

jconv, linuxsampler, and ingen
by alex stone
15 years
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