Linux-audio-user September 2007
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Steinway_IMIS2.2 soundfont (no loops fix)
by Roberto Gordo Saez
1 year

[linux-audio-user] Sub-harmonic generator? (LADSPA or VST)
by Tim Howard
7 years, 7 months

[ANN] TapStart 0.1 released
by Arnold Krille
15 years, 7 months

AZR3 at work
by Ken Restivo
16 years, 3 months

how do I get muse to listen to my midi controller?
by Robert Persson
16 years, 4 months

Realtime, but many xruns when jack is started. Debian Etch
by Nigel Henry
16 years, 4 months

Any lyrics please?
by julien lociuro
16 years, 4 months

Source for glitchy drums?
by Ken Restivo
16 years, 5 months

GNU Denemo chokes a dual core 2 GB server
by Christian Einfeldt
16 years, 6 months

How do you make a sound in both speakers at once, but not stereo
by Bearcat M. Sandor
16 years, 6 months
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